CLAUDE is an Audio Visual artist, visual director and electronic musician based in Korea.

He makes a ’3D generative real-time Audio Visual’ work that reacting to audio signals in real time abstract visuals with glitch and noise sounds.

CLAUDE assume that there is an abstract organism-object in three-dimensional space, and he work in a way that visualizes the motion according to the behavior of the object, and solves the sound according to the motion with music.

His work focuses heavily on nature, the complex structure of life, and human psychology.

The work called <Impermanence>, he wanted to express the constant, changing, non-sustainable time through, which was performed in Korea's electronic music festivals such as 'WATMM' and 'ACT Festival' and 'WeSA 2018' (We are Sound Artist), and his other audio visual work <Abandoned> was exhibited at the Hong Kong design festival 'Be THERE'.

CLAUDE will continue to talk about the structure of nature and life through his work such as <wave> and <Synapse>.


He has collaborated with artists of various genres. He has played an audio visual work called <Free Improvisation> with electronic musician Yeono. He has performed electronic music-audio visual works such as <Jwibul> in ’International Computer Music Conference 2018’ and 'Fine Particle' with Sangbong Nam, and participated in LED stage graphic design of '2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic' opening with PARAPUNK, NOVAXP of VIEWZIC.

He also directs festivals and live visuals in various genres such as electronic dance music, hip hop, jazz.

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