Impermanence is an audio-visual work composed of short glitch noise and particles that constantly changing and reproducing.

This work has Six-part glitch music and audio reacting real-time visuals.

Each part has its abstract visuals like audio waveform, black and white patterns, particles made of box objects, polygonal wire frame, the space made up of sphere, circle, points and lines, etc.

Them Us He

She and I

Audio Visual work with Hyunpil Shin​. 

Ji Park, Hwabok Kim


Abandoned is an Audio-Visual work for Installation

Hongkong Design Festival 'Be There' 2019

  • 인스 타 그램 사회 아이콘
  • 유튜브 사회 아이콘
  • 밴드 캠프 사회 아이콘
  • 사운드 클라우드 사회 아이콘
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